Case Studies

Local Client Acquisition Campaign

Challenge:  Coury-Pyper Wealth Management, after many years of referral-only business, made the strategic decision to grow their team (and thereby needed for the first time in decades to acquire new cold clients). 

Solution: We helped them better define their story/value proposition, updated all of their digital assets, and then engaged in a three-pronged go-to-market messaging strategy that consisted of programmatic ad buys in their local market, a direct mail drip program, and local PR. We completed the entire project in under six months, and they attracted nearly 20 prospects and on-boarded six new clients. 

"Humanize" Client Retention Campaign

Challenge: The Chudom Hayes Wealth Management Group at Morgan Stanley, after decades of client growth, recorded two consecutive years of client decline. They were able to attribute the loss in clients to robo platforms. 

Solution: SKY revamped their website, newsletter, and client drip campaigns to better “humanize” the team (subtly pointing out the lack of “humanity” with robo investing solutions). We did this by taking heavy, boring word-copy creative to more engaging infographics and visuals while taking “third party expert” content and replacing it with first-person narrative communication. We also added an element of “fun” to their messaging (e.g., ending each newsletter with “What’s our favorite book right now” or “What are we doing for the holidays” type of content. They didn’t lose any more clients for the entirety of our engagement (over a year) and even grew the number of referrals they received. They also received dozens of positive pieces of feedback from clients about their improved communication. 


Robowholesaling Campaign

Challenge:  A leading female executive in the mutual fund wholesaling industry retired from Invesco and wanted to launch a site that featured mutual fund rankings AND would include at-your-fingertips access to fund company fact sheets (which are notoriously difficult to locate online). She needed SKY to develop the site and come up with a go-to-market strategy that would gain her share of voice in the industry.

Solution: SKY engaged in primary research and usability sessions to develop a first-of-its-kind website just as the client requested.  We then developed a marketing strategy that included PR and social media promotion. In three years time, we have attracted an audience of nearly 20,000 actively engaged users and helped the client go from ideation to implementation, turning a profit in her first year in business.